Our Services

Effective political engagement requires a thoughtful, multipronged approach. Sentinel’s scope of services represents a strategic angle that maximizes opportunities from all aspects of an organization.

Strategic Counsel

After raising hundreds of millions of dollars as insiders of the political process, the team at Sentinel understands the importance of a comprehensive giving strategy tailored to the unique needs of each client. Demands from fundraisers aligned with political, charitable, and impact campaigns are increasing every year. Which of them best reflect the goals and objectives of your enterprise? Sentinel’s tailored giving strategies form a legacy in Washington and ensure political involvement reflects an individual brand.

Business Development

Sentinel strives to match fundraising initiatives with investors to create mutually beneficial relationships. We specialize in the creation of comprehensive finance strategies including introductions to key business and industry leaders, establishment of sustainable opportunities for involvement, and the management of communication and education initiatives. Sentinel prepares our clients for dramatic changes in the political climate. The establishment and management of thoughtful partnerships and strategic relationships allows our clients to proactively adapt without draining core resources.

Political Engagement

A central tool for an effective government affairs team is a well-positioned political presence. Sentinel functions as an all-inclusive consultancy to create and manage political engagement strategies for corporations and industry associations. We seamlessly coordinate with government affairs offices to assist with PAC creation and development, employee education initiatives, in-district and Washington, DC experiences, and corporate positioning and engagement. Sentinel’s political engagement services are benchmark-driven where success is proven and quantifiable.